Hurricane Sandy Relief Charities

Aside from the big names, I’ve started gathering some charities that have either already been around or ones that friends have started. For those who are unable to donate money… please donate your time. Volunteer to help clean, make meals, donate clothing, etc. Any help is still help in some way and greatly appreciated.

As you sit in your warm home tonight, think about those who are still without heat, hot water, power, food, clean water, and how it will be dropping into the 30s tonight.

If anyone knows of any more charities please feel free to reblog and add! Also please be careful donating to random charities… there is news of scams happening! Via here are some tips to  research your charity before donating!

uNitY via The 7 Line: 100% of the proceeds going towards local charities

The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund: For residents of the devastated Staten Island. The fund was founded in honor of Firefighter Carl V. Bini, a member of the FDNY tragically taken during 9/11.

Staten Island Meals on Wheels: Started by a friend of mine

Restore The Shore: Proceeds from t-shirts and hoodies going to The Red Cross and the apparel was designed & will be printed by local businesses at the Jersey Shore

Restore The Shore: Born & raised Jersey Shore local Allyson McGovern designed these shirts and 100% of the proceeds are going to the The New Jersey Division of The Salvation Army to help relief efforts

Bayside: Well-known NYC/NJ band is donating 100% of the proceeds from their “I Bird NYC” shirt to The Red Cross

10th Ave Burrito: Popular Belmar spot is accepting donations and 100% is going back to the Belmar and shore community for relief efforts. Brian has done incredible things in the shore community. Donations may be mailed to 10th Ave Burrito 801 Belmar Plaza Belmar, NJ 07719

Rotary Club of Hoboken: In partnership with The City of Hoboken, Party with Purpose, along with many other local organizations and charities, they have established the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund.

OMG Foodie came to Lugo Caffe to shoot this stunning video and interview LDV owner John Meadows. They needed extra people to film eating all the incredible food, so I took one for the team and my mugshot is all over this thing haha. Publicists duty.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here with the love of my life and have all of this.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here with the love of my life and have all of this.

Out running. #nofilter (Taken with Instagram)

Out running. #nofilter (Taken with Instagram)

A Night In Pictures:

I had the opportunity to shoot the Say Anything (with Fake Problems and Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band) show on Friday, April 13th at the absolutely beautiful Best Buy Theater (previously the Nokia theater) in Times Square. If you have never been to this venue, I highly recommend it. It has always been one of my favorites in the city.

Love/Hate, but don’t we all?

Sometimes I forget that I get to walk through one of the most incredible cities in the world every day. I remember being seven and wanting to live here so badly. Then again when i had my internship with Ben Folds when I was in high school and I’d spend weeks of the summer with my brothers old girlfriend (and was here during the blackout).

Now here I am. And have been for a few years. And sometimes, while I’m walking through the city, I’m reminded of how insane it is that I’ve actually made it and am no longer ‘just getting by’ but that I am living well in this magical fucking place that I get to call home. That people dream of seeing and some never do.

And tomorrow I’ll probably get tired of it again. That’s when you know you love New York City. When you love it so much that you do your best to ignore all the little things about it that drive you fucking insane.

I truly believe that you can’t fully love it until you’ve fully lived it.

Since we’re on the top floor of the building, sometimes they open the door to the roof. So pretty. Two super historic skyscrapers… Flatiron building (nyc’s first skyscraper) and the Empire State Building

Since we’re on the top floor of the building, sometimes they open the door to the roof. So pretty. Two super historic skyscrapers… Flatiron building (nyc’s first skyscraper) and the Empire State Building

Escape from New York

I’ve been living in NYC for about four years now and last night had to have been one of the most epic commutes home, ever.

Rewind to around 7pm Saturday evening. Goal: Have a dinner under $10 with a drink or two as a fun and relaxing ladies night out.

My friend Kate and I leave the event I’m helping run in Chelsea and decide to walk from West 18th/6th to the World Trade Center Path stop. I handed her a swag bag of goodies from the event and off we went on our walk.

Attempt #1: We hopped on the path at 8pm and sat there, doors open until 8:40 when the conductor finally announced that the train was indefinitely delayed and commuters are better off taking the subway to another Path station.

Attempt #2: Being the rough-and-tough city gals we are, we decided to walk again… from the WTC Path to the Christopher St. Path. We arrived just as the NYPD was closing the gates. The entire Path system was shut down. At least we have this bag of chocolate.

Attempt #3: Ferry! We can take the Ferry! Nope… it closed at 8pm. At least we have this bag of chocolate.

Attempt #4: Again, we walked from Christopher St. to the Port Authority on 42nd St. We arrived to mayhem. It was complete unorganized chaos at it’s finest. We found a line of 300+ people waiting for the bus to Hoboken at gate 204 and began our wait. Within 20 minutes they announced that the gate was changed to 325 - upstairs and on the other side of the station. People ran. We walked. Upon arriving and re-queuing at 325, they announced that the gate was actually back at 204. Then all hell broke lose. It was as if they were running from the black plague. As if they were to break out with the boils if they didn’t get on this one bus. People pushed and shoved kids and the elderly out of the way… Shoved people down the escalators… Were screaming “RUN! RUUUNNN!!” Kate and I stood there baffled by this running of the New Jersey Idiots who thought all 300 of them could fit on one bus. We walked to the new line and realized we wouldn’t be getting on a bus until around 2 or 3am. At least we have this bag of chocolate.

Attempt #5: At this point it was a mission to just get across the river and then indulge in a swank dinner complete with a plethora of drinks, rather than keeping it cheap and simple. We rode the subway to Canal St. in hopes of grabbing a cab at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel to take us across. Fifteen minutes of hailing cabs turned into the harsh reality that there was an hour-long wait to get through the tunnel. The cab would cost us $50-70. Should we swim? Don’t they have helicopters? At least we have this bag of chocolate.

Attempt #6: What do you do when you’re out of options? You call your parents. Kate’s parents offered to drive us from Point Pleasant if we took a train down there. The offer was incredibly sweet but taking a train 90 minutes south to be driven the 90 minutes back up to Hoboken at 11pm seemed steep. At least we have this bag of chocolate. I called Billy and we headed from Canal St. to Penn Station. A simple dinner under $10 turned into an all-out dinner turned into two girls eating Taco Bell over a trash can in Penn Station at 11:30pm. We hopped a 12:05am train towards Billy who picked us up and drove us the 20minutes back into Hoboken.

Our first attempt to leave the city was at 8pm. I climbed into my bed at 2am. Within that time we attempted and utilized almost every form of every major public transportation in NYC: Path, bus, subway, ferry, cab, walking, train…

Did we get angry at all? No way… and that was the best part. We stayed in such good spirits and were laughing a lot throughout this entire mission Escape From New York. They cross-honored our SmartLink cards on the NJ Transit so our trip to Billy was free. And my weekend away from the boy ended up turning into getting to see him anyway - Kate and I decided that the universe didn’t want us away for a weekend haha.

Such an insane night. And Kate went home with that bag of chocolate. Thanks, New York.

Usual lunch break roaming City Hall Park.

Usual lunch break roaming City Hall Park.

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Monsoon + Ultra-bright sunshine = TRIPLE RAINBOWS!

Monsoon + Ultra-bright sunshine = TRIPLE RAINBOWS!

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